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I am proud to say that I started in the food services industry. I spent years as an employee, and then eventually established my own successful restaurant where we were proud to offer some of the best service in the state. When guests entered my establishment, the host would greet them and have them seated within seconds. Menu items had to be made the same way, every single time. Hosts, waiters, servers, cooks, and management handled their responsibilities like clockwork.  However, as anyone that has owned a restaurant can tell you, owning a restaurant is a life-consuming affair. Even when the restaurant is closed, you are working. There are no vacations, and there is no time off.

Then a friend started talking to me about the home improvement industry. He said when done right, home improvement was certainly demanding, but it wasn’t a 24/7, never-stop-working lifestyle. So, years ago I decided to sell my restaurant and start my own window company. 

Just About Everything We Say And Do Is The Exact Opposite Of What Is ‘Normal’ In the Home Improvement Industry – And Our Clients Are Loving Us For It!

I didn’t “grow up” in the home improvement industry. That means I didn’t adopt the “business as usual” complacency that so many others have who’ve been in home improvement all their lives. Where others mosey into appointments 15, 20, 30 minutes late or more, we pride ourselves in being EXACTLY on time. I only use top of the line products from NT Windows. Where others demand payment up front before they lift a finger to upgrade your home, I follow the time-honored tradition of the restaurant world, and I only accept payment after you (and I) are completely satisfied. 

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